“Photography is  a way for me to communicate with others — to share my visions, my anxieties, my perceptions and my emotions, all at the same time. I created my own visual world I always enjoyed creating beauty where it never existed and I've had a simultaneous desire to invite others into this world. “

Zina Zinchik is a photographer based in New Jersey. In addition to her lifestyle and portrait work, she has a prolific art practice that uses themes of serenity and wilderness to document nature.  Sentimental and sensitive, she has the eye of an impressionist and the focus of a nature photographer. Conscientious color palettes underline the narrative behind each of Zinchik’s landscapes, both urban and natural, while her studio work monumentalizes details with a scientific precision. Her work offers the viewer an intimate access to her subjects as well as the time and space in which they exist.

A seasoned traveller, Zinchik’s tightly composed images have been seen on several magazine covers and in exhibitions all over the United States. She works in plein air and in her home studio. She is the founder and director of the Russian Photoclub of New York, and continues her training through a variety of workshops. She recently won “Judges Special Choice” in the Botanical competition at the Contemporary Gallery Online for her series Frozen Spring, and has participated in many juried and group shows

Group Exhibitions

Art Expo New York
Art Spectrum Miami (Upcoming)

“Summer Adieu” at Gallery Guddahl, Brooklyn, NY
AKO Design Center - Summer Pop-up Series, Brooklyn, NY
“Open Call” Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery, Providence RI
New York Realism Fine Art “Creativity in Progress”

Art Expo NY
2014 International Art Festival Competition
Juried B&H Portfolio Development Exhibition at Soho Photo gallery(NYC)
“Vulnerability vs Strength” by Linus Galleries (CA)
“Flower Power 2014” by 1650Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

"Make Believe" by Darkroom Gallery (Essex Jct., VT)
Group show at TownHouse art gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
"Art that Lifts Our Spirits" (Manhattan Art Group)